Meytal Cohen: News update!

 I'm back! and it's good to be back!! my trip was fun but felt like an eternity in terms of drumming. I forgot my practice pad (huge mistake) and I was sure I'm not gonna be able to play when I get back, but when I went to play, it was surprisingly pretty good! Now my sister + husband and 3 year old, are visiting from Israel  they actually came here a week before I got back, and they're staying with me and Lior and Django. in our tiny ass apartment. for a month :) amazing timing. I have so much to do, and I'm pretty stressed out, but I'm trying to be organized (in contrary to my usual self) making lists, and reminders of all the things that need to get done. 

 I have a few meetings this week, trying to plan out the production of the album, it's very important to get everything just right, to set a game plan for the long run... thanks to you guys I can do that!! it's going to be AWESOME!!! I'll start shipping some of the higher up rewards this week, and will try to start working on the custom drum tracks that some of you got. 

 Also, I'm flying out to Canada next week to shoot some videos for you guys - the instructional DVD I shot will launch soon. I've teamed up with "Drumeo" and we're gonna shoot some stuff for that. depending on the weather over there, we might shoot some crazy videos out in nature! I've been learning 46&2 and it's been going surprisingly well, I can really feel a huge improvement in learning Tool songs, I got the whole song down in 2 days, compared to 2 weeks Parabola took me to learn, so yay me! I need 2 more songs for the Canada shoot, other then the Tool one, so let me know if you have any good suggestions. in the mean time, I'm gonna shoot something a bit easier (but still awesome) to upload asap... cause it's been a while. 

 There's even more crazy stuff happening, one of the bands I recently covered contacted me and I'm going to collaborate on a cover with the original drummer, and we'll be shooting it in google's studios!! WHAT?! my head is spinning a hundred miles an hour.

 I hope you realize this is %30 me %70 you. YOU'RE making this all possible. know this!! you rock. 

Much love... 
Talk soon, M

PS - in Israel  my family threw me an awesome 30th birthday party and we all got together to take this picture! my mom on the left, and all my sisters and brothers in chronological order :)