Don Peretz,Oz Noy: Manufactured Region - Album from hours of organic improvisation in the studio

From hours of organic improvisation in the studio Don Peretz in collaboration with Oz Noy release Manufactured Region (EP) on the Deepdig label (DDR -103). The five - track release is an electronica/fusion soundscape of studio dual -improvisational performances, merged with industrial textures of electronic music.Composer/Drummer Don Peretz, influenced by his progressive jazz roots and modern electronica works from the duo’s intrinsic, improvised studio performances as the heart for which the electronic textures serve. The result is a soundscape producing inspired, cerebral musical performances, within a social statement.

Oz Noy,Don Peretz: Manufactured Region

1 Bundled
2 Groomed
3 Logos
4 Manufactured Region
5 Post Producing

Don Peretz and Oz Noy