Billy Cobham: Culture Mix: Colours the new album

Billy Cobham's Culture Mix: Colours

Billy Cobham's Culture Mix: Colours

Billy Cobham (drums, percussion); Per Gade (guitars); Junior Gill (steel pan); Stefan Rademacher (basses); Marcos Ubeda (keyboards); Guy Barker (flumpet, trumpet)

Billy Cobham’s multicultural band strengthens its reputation as an exciting fusion group, impressing with powerful jazz-rock elements as well as more intimate, ethnic-colored sounds. The mix, done in Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios, has undoubtedly contributed to the powerful global appeal of this new production.


Track 1 Cuba on the Horizon (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Dessicated Coconunts (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 Volcano (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 Where Do We Go From Here (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Black Orchid (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Cara Mia (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Coffe Brown-Olive Green (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 8 Moscow Meeting (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 9 Three And Back
Track 10 Red & Yellow Cabriolet