News: Worlds largest drum kit?

Paulo Lopes

Worlds largest drum kit...PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: MARK TEMPERATO WITH 813-PIECE DRUM KIT) - A rock n roll reverend has smashed the record for the worlds biggest drum kit - with a staggering 813 individual pieces weighing more than a whopping 5000 lbs. Mark Temperato, who goes by the stage name RevM, destroyed the previous record by over 450 extra parts which he has painstakingly assembled over the past 20 years. To prove the kit is fully-functional and claim the record, drum-crazy Mark had to be able to hit all 800-plus pieces from either a sitting or standing position without taking a step to either side. Some of the parts are as far as seven or eight feet away from each other and it takes an entire HOUR for Mark to strike each piece but he insists he knows every sound on the set. The drum kit, which is made up of mixture of drums, cymbals, cow bells and other bashable pieces is stored in the church where Mark, 56, works and requires up to 17 hours of maintenance a week. A Guinness World Record representative confirmed the new record just a few days ago leaving Mark, from Lakeville, New York, already planning spectacular ways to make his kit BIGGER. SEE CATERS COPY