Meytal Cohen: goes Kickstarter to fund new album!

I seriously went crazy coming up with the rewards for you guys. I wanted to make sure that you, the people that make all of this possible, are gonna get the best reward in return for your support. I really tried to be creative here, and I think I did a decent job if you don't mind me saying. :-)
here are some of the rewards you can get as a backer: a USB thumb drive I will personally be loading with some awesome stuff, backer exclusive limited-edition hand-signed copies of the album, skype chat, my entire current Meinl cymbals set (thanks to Meinl for sending me a new set..), my Tama kit that I used in the "Toxicity" video, an iPod loaded with all the music that shaped me as a musician, a drum cover of your choice, a day in my studio and a ton of other stuff!!! check it out on the right side of the page.