Aurélien Ouzoulias: In The Dead Of Night - master class session

Aurélien Ouzoulias during a master class at school battery TAMTAMTAMA in Audun le Tiche (57, France) interprets this fabulous pieces of UK group (John Wetton, Eddie Jobson, Allan Holdsworth and Bill Bruford 1978).
It played back on a play based on his album "play ground". A beautiful day began with a course led by Aurelian and hearing élèves.Le evening, a beautiful master class provided by the Master "Aurel" (www. with many explanations about the game, the course, technical etc., interspersed with songs performed brilliantly! A big thank you for the good times as humanly and musically, not to mention education. Congratulations to the artist!
The "STRANGE BREW" group, whose drummer is none other than the director of the school, closed this June 22, 2013. For more info:

In The Dead Of Night