Steve Gadd:Drum Guru - Rudimental Concepts Part II Pack

Steve Gadd: Rudimental Concepts Part II Pack

Learn some new ways to apply rudiments to the drum kit with Steve Gadd!

Drumming legend Steve Gadd has created several lesson packs exclusively for Drum Guru! In these lessons, Steve shares many of the signature concepts, grooves and fills that have made him one of the most popular, important, and imitated drummers in the history of the instrument.

In Rudimental Concepts Part 2, Steve covers ideas based on the rudiments. Each of these ideas have become a signature for Steve, and he shows how they are all based on simple rudimental stickings. Three of the lessons in this pack reveal how Steve uses diddles to create some of his immediately identifiable licks. Also included is a challenging rudimental drum solo that Steve memorized during his younger years in drum corps!