Mike Mangini: Dream Theater's "Outcry" Pack

Mike Mangini: Dream Theater's "Outcry" Pack

This pack focuses on a specific section of the Dream Theater song "Outcry" which contains a complex sequence of 49 notes.

Mike begins with a simple breakdown of the shifting meters, explains and demonstrates the different drum parts (including the alternating double-bass-drum combinations).

He then goes on to explain the different ways that he attacks this sequence each time it repeats. There are a total of four subsections within this 49-note motif, and Mike teaches each one in its own lesson. He concludes by performing the entire section of the song.

This pack is intended for advanced players!

Level: Advance  http://www.drumappguru.com/pack/dream-theaters-outcry/

Drum Guru:Mike Mangini - Dream Theater's "Outcry"