Meytal Cohen: Nothing Else Matters - Limited Edition - Purple Kick T-Shirt

Some really amazing things are happening and life feels pretty good right now, in a blurry sort of way. I'm still in Canada - I've been here for the last couple of weeks - I'm working on a very cool project with an amazing production company located here in British Columbia. working EXTREMELY long days, about 12 hours of playing every day. It's not easy but feels pretty good not having to do everything all by myself for a change. Here's a shot from one of the sessions here:

I LOVE working with this team up here. I have a nice hotel room, I get to order food from ANY restaurant I want, and there's even someone here to do my makeup and hair every morning (the poor thing didn't know what she was getting herself into with my massive amounts of curly hair). anyone said "Diva"? haha. Here's how I look when she is finished and I'm ready to shoot:

I still can't say too much about what's happening but I promise you will hear more about this project in the next couple of months.

On another note - I wanted to share with you this limited edition sale (that officially starts tomorrow). This design was randomly made by my good friend Truba from the Czech Republic, and I just had a feeling this would look totally cool on a T-shirt. I was SO right. Which leads us to this 72-hour weekend sale. This shirt will ONLY be available for purchase over this weekend and once sold out it will not be printed again. check it out: