Jamey Haddad,Mark Sherman,Lenny White: Explorations of Space and Time album pre-order

Jamey Haddad/Mark Sherman/Lenny White: Explorations of Space and Time*****Releasing May 21, 2013


Jamey Haddad (percussion); Mark Sherman (percussion); Lenny White (drums)

Lenny White, the drummer from Return to Forever, joins Jamey Haddad - one of the most sought-out world percussionists - and trained classical percussionist Mark Sherman for the ultimate and most unique Drum and Percussion session ever recorded. Funk meets world, meets classical! The Explorations in Space and Time album features both the Soundfield and binaural versions as well as bonus binaural tracks.

This recording was done in two versions. The first, like all Chesky recordings, was done with the Soundfield microphone configured as a Blumlein Pair, which is a stereo recording technique that produces an exceptionally realistic soundstage.

The second version was recorded with a Neumann KU-100 binaural microphone, which consists of a "dummy" head with a microphone implanted in the head's ear canals, to record a sound image as it would be heard by a human. When played over a good-quality full-size system or through in-ear headphones, the binaural version will give a stunningly accurate and realistic 3D reproduction of the original sound field.

1. Stank (Binaural)
2. Wood and Metal (Binaural)
3. War (Binaural)
4. The Wind (Binaural)
5. Seven (Binaural)
6. Tranquility (Binaural)
7. Groove (Binaural)
8. Phrases (Binaural)
9. Long Distance (Binaural) 10. Stank (SoundField)
11. Wood and Metal (SoundField)
12. War (SoundField)
13. The Wind (SoundField)
14. Seven (SoundField)
15. Tranquility (SoundField)
16. Groove (SoundField)
17. Phrases (SoundField)
18. Long Distance (SoundField)
19. Rhythm (Binaural bonus track)
20. Roots (Binaural bonus track)