Valeria Sepulveda: Hit Like a Girl 2013 finalist - great fusion drumming

Hey everyone! This is my entry for the "Hit Like a Girl" contest.
The track that I performed above is called Groove Essential #97 "Advanced Odd Meter" by Tommy Igoe. The clips following my entry performance were filmed that same day in the evening at the Velour venue in Provo, Utah with Kathleen Frewin.

Note: the solo during the play-along track was completely improvised. not written:) just to clarify because some people asked me if I wrote it haha.

Al Deans - Pulsar Audio Recording for recording the audio
Emilio Urriola and Massiel Parra - Cinematografy
Scott Raia - Video editing
Pedro Barahona, my drum mentor in Chile, for sending me the track and all the great bands and people I play with for giving me the opportunity to play and grow as a musician.
And last but not least, to my wonderful family for all their support, love and help, and to all my awesome friends for encouraging me to compete in this contest!

Thanks for watching! Gracias!
VAL - Hit Like a Girl 2013