Melanie DiLorenzo: Hit Like A Girl 2013 Finalist

Thanks to everyone who voted and I'm very happy to announce that I'm one of the 15 Finalists out of 100's of girls all over the world for the Hit Like a Girl Contest, I didn't get there by votes I was choosen as one of the 5 wild cards based on my drumming which I find even better. So now my solo will be judged by drummer's Kim Thompson, Hannah Ford, Shauney Baby, Meytal Cohen, Dawn Richardson, Gina Schock, Elaine Bradley, and Jess Bowen!!!! winner will be picked April 18 2013

Melanie DiLorenzo is a professional working drummer living in Jacksonville Beach Florida and soon planning to make her way to Los Angeles California.
available for Gigs,Touring, Recording Sessions, Drum clinics, etc For Booking EMAIL
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!!!!!!! Hit Like A Girl PLEASE VOTE!!!!!!! You can VOTE for Melanie's DRUM SOLO at this link click on the star by votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Voting ends March 31 2013!!

Hit Like A Girl 2013 Finalist - Melanie DiLorenzo ( Female Drummer Competition drum solo )