Mari Masuya: Introduction to ultra-stroke double- strike DVD

View of the world changes if you can this is Mari Masuya commentary through the basics of double stroke Mali Masuya is: drummer active in a wide range of genres and overhang of double stroke, up to go to the drum-roll a double stroke Cheng the Hatakeru DVD "Absolutely instructional explain thoroughly! Daije of "Introduction to ultra-stroke double- strike.Introduces the phrase using the rudiment, that hit it many times, I will let cram one's mind with a sense of beat two natural body and finger. ■ Event Commemorative DVD! 15:00 ~ MUSICLAND KEY Shibuya, March 03, 2 013 ... Http://Www.Musicland.Co.Jp/event/inde purchased in ■ amazon is here  → Http://Amzn.To/VJsi0z
Hatakeru DVD "instructional Absolutely! Mari Digest Masuya "Introduction to ultra double stroke