Kat Villalon: Hit Like A Girl 2013 -finalist

Hey guys! Proud to announce I've made it to the finals! I'am 1 of 20 in the world! Blows my mind! Anyways I wanted to thanks for the support! I didn't get in because of votes, I got in as a wildcard which is way cooler cause they saw my skills and not my votes! BUT I do appreciate all the votes ! You guys are way awesome! Now all we gotta do is wait for the judges to...you know judge! Lol! ANYWAYS wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN! love you all! God Bless!
p.s be sure to check me out on sound cloud! I've got a couple of new songs Im putting out! let me know what you think!

Hit Like A Girl 2013 - Kat Villalon