Terri Lynne Carrington: Money Jungle

Terri Lynne Carrington: Money Jungle

Terri Lynne Carrington
Money Jungle

1. Money Jungle
2. Fleurette Africain
3. Backward Country Boy Blues
4. Very Special
5. Wig Wise
6. Grass Roots
7. No Boxes (Nor Words)
8. A Little Max (Parfait)
9. Switch Blade
10. Cut Off
11. Rem Blues/Music

Award-winning drummer, composer and bandleader Terri Lyne Carrington, who enlists the aid of two high-profile collaborators - keyboardist Gerald Clayton and bassist Christian McBride - to pay tribute to Duke Ellington, his trio and his creative vision with a cover of this historic recording. Carrington's Money Jungle is out now
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