Maciek Dzik: Disperse - Universal Love playthrough

So it is...I am playing in Disperse and working with probably the best person and guitarist in the world Jakub Żytecki. It's such pleasure and honor...and how did he find me? On Youtube. Don't need no more reasons to keep posting videos :)

The drums you can hear on Disperse new album weren't recorded by me because I joined the band when Living Mirrors was almost finished, thats a shame but also that's the reason why I wanted to make this playthrough - to show my approach to this song. On the album there are vocals in the track but we didn't use them here to make the mix clearer.

All visual care was taken by Bartek Szoja - thx for great job men!!
Drums were recorded in Psychosound studio in Krakow by Szymon Piotrowski.
Mix done by Jakub Żytecki himself.

There were no drum replacements/samples/triggering used in this video - what you hear is all natural, just EQed and compressed drums.

Thx Meinl for support!!!

Disperse - Universal Love playthrough by Maciek Dzik