Dennis Chambers: NANIWA EXPRESS

Overwhelming live performance with unique characters unfolds!

Contest of skill and power and Dennis Chambers NANIWA EXP. Woven with live band NANIWA EXP. strongest Naniwa has ever produced, super-drummer Dennis Chambers = to dominate the music world is a dream contest! August 6, 2004, a live recording made ​​at the Tokyo Komaba Eminence. Twin drum battle powerful Rikiya Higashihara Dennis Chambers and a must-see! purchased at amazon, click here → Http://Amzn.To/T1aD1Kmembers Xing Bass Shimizu Kazuhiko Iwami Gt Key Kenji Nakamura Dr Rikiya Higashihara Pf Makoto Aoyagi, Sax ● GuestDennis Chambers Dr
NANIWA EXP. with デニス・チェンバース/DRUM'n DRUM TOUR