Tommaso Mangione: THE CINEMA SHOW (Genesis) - double drum overdub

Tommaso Mangione: Acoustic and Electronic Drums and Percussions

Coming from keyboard’s world, he suddenly fall in love with drums for the first time in 2002, during an occasional rehearshal with his friends. He began taking drums lessons at Bloom in Mezzago. From 2005 to 2007 he takes lessons from Max Malavasi, drummer for Davide Van De Sfroos and Rockodrilli, and joins - together with bass player Alex Stucchi - Event Six, a project from guitarist Massimo Nussi.

He graduates in Audio Engineering in 2008 and becomes percussionist for the Besana Marching Band (now Besana Secutores), which leads him to the stage of the Sanremo Festival. From 2011 he’s the new drummer for Progressive Rock band Willow.

His technique is constantly evolving, eager to find alternative ways - such as the combination of acoustic and electronic drums - to represent the percussion field of the band.

His main references are Billy Cobham, Bill Bruford, Pat Mastellotto, Gavin Harrison, Mike Portnoy. He cultivates a passion for video editing and photography and he’s morbidly fascinated by LEGO.


YAMAHA Stage Custom Advantage ‘Quasar’
REMO Heads
UFIP, ZILDJAN, PAISTE, WUHAN & MEINL Cymbals, handmade Bells
PEARL P-2002C& GIBRALTAR Double Pedals
VIC FIRTH Sticks, handmade Rods & Mallets
Latin Percussions
YAMAHA MG10/2 Mixer
TASCAM audio interface
AKG Headphones
This "Seconds Out" version of "The Cinema Show", from Genesis's "Selling England bu the Pound", is probably one of my favourite live renditions ever! I always wanted to cover it in some way, and now the time feels right!
Certainly I'm not as good as masters Phil & Bill (!!!) so I've recorded my own rendition of this beautiful song. I really enjoyed recording it, hope it will enjoy yourself too ;)
My band:

THE CINEMA SHOW (Genesis) - TM double drum overdub