Zach Echavarria: The Pirate Drummer in the World?

Pirate Zach Echavarria jams on the drums and tests out a new electronic Roland Drum Kit at Guitar Center near Totem Lake in Kirkland Washington. This guy has great dynamics and marched for 4 years in the Seattle Cascade Drum Corps. He has awesome fills and chops. He's the best pirate drummer in the entire world, and that's a pure fact! Keep jamming Zach E.

(c) November 7th, 2012 - 5:56pm - Miller Media Productions - - Christopher A. Miller - Pirate's Review

Tags and Keys: drum sticks and chops with girls watching and guys clapping and the rumba and samba and bass kick drum all tapping on the snare that is so tight and right that it is like a concert performance and lessons come pouring out of this guy with stage presence and all.

The BEST Pirate Drummer in the WORLD