Virgil Donati: Allan Holdsworth Band Rehearse

January was the start to a busy year of touring and gigs for the Allan Holdsworth Band. For the initial West Coast gigs, they played as a 4 piece band, with the addition of Dennis Hamm on keyboards. This is a short clip of some exclusive behind the scenes rehearsal footage, shot at S.I.R. in Hollywood. Virgil Donati is on drums, and Jimmy Haslip on bass

Allan Holdsworth Band Rehearsal

In case you missed it

Another chapter from the ATAK gig in Enschede, Netherlands on October 20, 2012. 'Devil' features the harmonic brilliance of Holdsworth, 'Letters' has moments for Holdsworth, Crawford, and Donati to stretch out, and in 'Red Alert' Crawford holds it down while Donati bends rhythms...

Devil Take The Hindmost/Letters Of Marque/Red Alert compilation_Part 2 from Enschede

Holdsworth, Donati, Crawford - Live in Enschede, Netherlands