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Exciting NEW MUSIC Megaproject and MORE!
Pledge to pre-order Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver's new album. Be among the first to get it + playalongs, a DVD, & more!

Hi everyone! Dave Weckl here…

Big things are brewing and I couldn’t be more excited! I am doing a new music MEGAPROJECT and want YOU to be involved at every stage!


Many of you will remember Jay Oliver – a musical genius who worked on my early solo albums (“Master Plan,” “Heads Up,” and “Hard Wired”), plus two Dave Weckl Band albums (“Rhythm of the Soul” and “Synergy”). Twelve years after our last collaboration, Jay and I are at it again – with renewed energy and enthusiasm, and some KILLING new music!

We’re writing some slammin’ new tunes – some of which feature great guest musicians! And, one tune will feature a “guest drummer” playing WITH ME!


We’re going to offer mixes without drums, guitar, bass, or keys, so that YOU can play along. We’ll include charts, MIDI files (for keyboard players), and even videos of Dave playing the tunes (drum version)!

And…we’re going to capture the entire project in photos and video. You’ll be able follow our progress as the project comes together. When everything is complete (spring of 2013), we’ll offer a behind-the-scenes DVD with extended footage, plus tips and tricks on how we wrote, recorded, and mixed this music!


The age of big record companies is over and Pledge Music is here. This means Jay and I have unlimited freedom to deliver what our fans want.

When you make a secure pledge on this page, three critical things happen:

1. you are “pre-ordering” the new album, ensuring you’re one of the first to get it when it comes out in the spring of 2013. On the checkout page, you can gift this to someone else and include a personal note!

2. you become part of the project, so you get exclusive updates, “sneak peeks” into the recording and production process, and free extras!

3. you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped make an independent music project happen!

HURRY: some packages are in limited quantities, and the exclusives are only available during our campaign on Pledge Music!


Whatever you pledge, you are only charged if we hit 100% of our goal and make the album. This means there is no risk to you or us.

Meanwhile, Pledge Music will work directly with us to ensure you receive everything that comes with your pledge. You can’t lose…


Jay and are itchin’ to get this project going! We hope you’ll get on board, spread the news to everyone you know, and enjoy every minute of this fantastic ride!

Let’s make this happen. Together. :)

- Dave Weckl

Please direct all product and press inquiries to: questions@daveweckl.com

Peter WildoerToday it's off to see Chris Minh Doky and the Nomads featuring Dave Weckl on drums. Will be a great evening with my friends Christopher Adolfsson, Jesper Sunnhagen and Per Johan Knutsson. Don't forget to support Dave and Jay Oliver's new project!

Dave Weckl Jay Oliver Pledge Music Pitch