Dave Elitch: tearing it up in Los Angeles

Drummer extraordinaire, Dave Elitch tearing it up on my kit @712Media studio in Los Angeles, California.

I am trying out some new Eddie Kramer plugins. The drums are Yamaha Oak Customs, Dave plays DW, The cymbals are Istanbul Agop, Dave plays Sabian, the heads are Attack 1 ply Terry Bozzio sigs, top, and thin skin on the bottom. Dave plays Remo. Dave is using his signature Vic Firth stick.

The mics are Shure SM98a - toms 10,12,14 and Beta 52 - 16" floor tom. A single Beta 52 on the kick at the 6" port hole (4 o'clock).
The snare is triple mic'd : AKG 451b and Shure Beta57 - top, Shure SM57 bottom.

Shure SM81 - hats
2 Studio Projects C1 large diaphragm mics for overheads.
Shure VP88 (Stereo) room mic.

The plugins are my special sauce. I mixed 5% of the camera mic in also, i thought it gave the drums a little more realism, room and spread.

I use Motu's Digital Performer, Waves, ChannelStrip, Eddie Kramer Drum Channel, and Renaissance plugins, Presonus, Motu 8pre, Motu 896HD. 24 inputs. My studio, which I bought from Chad Wackerman has a great sound, thanks to Chad's design.

I was looking for some help dialing in sounds... thanks dude.

Dave Elitch on my drums!!