Mike Portnoy: reviews Sabian drum gear

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These Hats ran such a good race in the 2012 Players' Choice campaign, we just had to bring them back! By combining a Groove Hat bottom with a Vault Fierce top, then drilling 27 holes in the bottom, airlock has been completely eliminated. The result? Tone that sounds electronically compressed, with very little spread or wash. These are highly-articulate, nuanced hats for modern players. Available sizes: 14"

CYMBAL VOTE - Mike Portnoy Reviews the 14" HHX Compression Hats

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A Sabian-exclusive dual lathing process results in this unique, intensely- cutting cymbal. While many rock cymbals cut with focused, high-pitched tone generated by the bell, the additional lathing process used to manufacture the Freq Crash delivers a very fast explosion of tone followed by a change of frequency that fills the stage with huge, open sound. You'll definitely want to get your Freq on! Available sizes: 18"

CYMBAL VOTE - Mike Portnoy Reviews the 18" AAX Freq Crash

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We've heard the cry for BIG cymbals loud and clear! As a result, we've included this Crash-Ride edition of our popular Raw Bell Dry Ride -- but bigger and lighter! The Bash Ride performs equally well as a fantastic light ride or a great, BIG crash. A smaller bell design helps control the sound when you need a ride -- or just bash away on it for the huge, stage-eating sound only a 24" Crash can produce.

CYMBAL VOTE - Mike Portnoy Reviews the 24" AA Bash Ride