Brittany Maccarello: A drummer from New York

Brittany Maccarello:A drummer from New York, Brittany Maccarello was born on June 11th 1990.

Her Father ( Anthony Maccarello) inspired her by showing her the basic drum techniques while her Her Mother (Joyce Maccarello) kept her motivated by telling her that she can do anything she puts her mind too. All of this was at the age of 3.

Brittany since the age of 3 has been drumming and progressing. She developed her own drumming style, at age 13.

Her influences at a young age began to change due to her Mother's influence. Here drumming /music style ranged from Metallica to Hanson. Giver her a new path in her musical life.

The strange thing is that she was playing high level drum challenges by Rush, YES, and Zepplin at age 15.

The motivational technique her Father and Mother used to inspire her was by betting her money that she could play as well as the drum legends of the time. That is the story she tells and I'm sticking to it.

From that point she grew with the label of a girl drummer with power and drive.

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Kick ass Girl drummer/ girl drummer

Confide - Delete, Repeat (drum cover by Brittany Maccarello)