Sam Aliano: Drum School details

Sam Aliano
• I have taught drums all over the globe for over 20 years.
• My clients range from beginners to professionals.
• I teach private individual lessons or group lessons
(Max 2 Students) from my studio.

• You can schedule lessons from the convenience of your own home.
• For all students from around the Globe, online lessons are available.
• All drum lessons are tailored to the students individual needs.
• I have 3 Saturn series Mapex drum kits with double bass drum pedals, fully equipped with Sabian cymbals and Evans drum heads.
• PA, for backing tracks and click track.

1. Technique
2. Sight Reading
3. Soloing
4. Double Bass
5. Odd Time
6. Co-Ordination
7. Rudiments
8. Grooves
9. Drum Fills
10. Ostinato's
11. Independence
12. Showmanship
13. Studio
14. Syncopation
15. Accents
16. Motivation
17. Playing to a click track
18. Rock, Jazz, Punk, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Latin, Funk, Fusion, Blues.....
Plus many more………..
Email for pricing and or to schedule a lesson.