Marco Minnemann: drumming up a storm on new Phi Yaan-Zek release

Lalle LarssonListen to some soundclips from the new eclectic album by Phi Yaan Zek - Deeper With The Anima! This is a totally unique experimental creative mix of Yaan Zek freak out, the album features yours truly on keys and Marco Minnemann on drums. The dance album of the summer maybe?

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Deeper with the Anima

With Marco Minnemann (2012)
Marco Minnemann - drums
Lalle Larsson - keyboards
Phi Yaan-Zek - all guitars, bass, additional (easy) keyboards,
percussion & voices

With Special Guests:
Bryan Beller - bass
Ola Olsson - trumpets & flugelhorns
Gary Compton - harmonica
Amandine Ferrari - choral vocals
Tristan D. Rastaflange the Third - double bass
And The Elves Of Richmond Park - additional vocals

And featuring remixes by:
T-Boy, Cafe Del Marlborough & Luke Bedi

Deeper With The Anima is the companion album to Dance With The Anima with the music focusing towards a very dynamic guitar instrumental direction and featuring new and extended pieces based on themes from the original album along with 3 exciting guest remixes. It’s a passionate and very unique journey that takes you from the cinematic jazz with tasteful atmospheric playing of “Mariana’s Deeper Dive” to its opposite polarity in the no-holds-barred dark and intense augmented tribal hypershred insanity of “The Shrine Of The Augmented Weave”! Not to mention along the way there’s a wonderful Piazzolla meets Gotan Project style tango (“Corazones En Fuego”), a beautifully catchy summery drum and bass acoustic fusion tune (“Signposts 2”), a John Coltrane/Pharoah Sanders inspired 4 minute guitar solo (“Love Abounds”), a drum and bass driven Beltway Bandits Zappa-style highly-detailed long-form melody piece (“Melodies Of Me Three”) and many more inspiring groove-orientated tracks.

“I was getting such a creative high composing and recording the music for "Dance With The Anima" that it seemed a shame to finish it there. Being part of Marco Minnemann's Normalizer 2 project, one of the main rules was that the drums could not be edited in any way. This restriction actually provided the impetus for new creative avenues and the music on "Dance…" would not have existed were it not for this musical challenge. However I felt some of the compositions needed another lease of life in an extended form, and so the idea of a companion remix album was born. After having given out some of the tracks to be remixed, and having started the remixing process myself, it became apparent that the creative energy behind the music didn't want to be limited to simply just an album of remixes. New compositions started to grow out of old ones and Marco's drum grooves provided the seed for many new musical ideas. This led to another year of intense recording work to add all the new melodies, grooves and solos to the music, with the guitar now becoming the main focus. The result, although related to "Dance…" in themes, mood and atmosphere, stands in its own right as a separate album with many stunning new performances and its own personal artistic voice. Enjoy the deeper journey…”
Phi Yaan-Zek June 2012

Adventures At Midnight
Inamorata In Peril - Part Three
Corazones En Fuego
Ecstasies Of The Starlight Self (T-Boy Remix)
Mariana's Deeper Dive
Love Abounds
Melodies Of Me Three
Maid With Spanish Fly (Luke Bedi Remix)
Signposts 2
Lovers Tryst
Four Daughters Of Phrygia (Cafe Del Marlborough's Pilgrim Mix)
The Shrine Of The Augmented Weave
At Peace