Venzella Joy: Hit Like a Girl 2012


I will never forget Christmas ‘98. That’s when I walked downstairs in the wee hours of the morning to see the best Christmas gift ever, a bright red drum set from Santa Clause (or Mom and Dad). I’ve always been fascinated by rhythms but at age 10 is when I began learning to play drum set in the school band and in the Church of God in Christ. I’ve been playing ever since. I’m really just grateful to God for the gift and for the loving support shown to me by my family and friends towards what I’m passionate about, music. Inspiration is all around me but I am greatly inspired by drummers such as Buddy Rich, Tony Williams and Vinnie Colaiuta who have paved the way. I’m am also influenced by many of those who are carrying on the torch today. There are so many amazing drummers out here! Many of them not only inspire me with their gifts but with their humility. I aspire to continue to grow and have as great of an effect on people as my drum heroes have on me.

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Venzella Joy (@JoytheDrummer) on drums playing a medley produced by her & Yung Wurld (@IamYungWurld) including songs from Michelle Williams, Travis Barker, Nirvana, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Skrillex!

Venzella Joy on Drums (Hit Like a Girl)