Nikke Blout: Hit Like a girl 2012

Drumming the Ghosts Out of Dracula's Castle (LOL!) Like it? Then vote for this video here Hey Everyone, thanks for checking out my drum solo video, which I was fortunate enough to put together with the help of some very generous friends. It is for the first-ever, all-female drum competition happening worldwide online. The "Hit Like A Girl 2012" contest has a powerhouse panel of hard-hitting judges like Sheila E., Hannah Ford, Dawn Richardson, Kim Thompson, Susie Ibarra, and Jess Bowen and is hosted by industry sponsors such as DRUM! Magazine, Tom Tom Magazine, Crush Drums, TRX Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Vater Sticks, SKB Cases, DW Drum's,,, and more!
Not only has it been a great desire of mine to put together an exciting drum solo like this (paying homage to some very great drummers!), but moreover it is a big dream of mine to get out there and become a significant part of the movement supporting and promoting community for female artists.
For the love of music, people & community...
Thank you for your checking out the video -- YOU ROCK!
Nikke Blout - "NIKnSTIX"
"Be true to the rhythm in your nature!"

HIT LIKE A GIRL 2012 - Nikke Blout (NIKnSTIX)