Hannes Grossmann: Short Drum Solo - Tokyo 12 June 2012

Saw Obscura last night - mostly to hear Hannes Grossmann play. He played a brief solo during the setlist. The solo seemed to be impromptu and more of a jam than a solid arrangement, which is cool - I like spontaneous drum solos.

I met him after the concert as well and got a few things signed. His "Progressive concepts for the modern drummer" DVD and Obscura's "Cosmogenesis" CD.

He was very approachable and easy going to chat with and was happy to sign the items for me. He even thanked me for buying his DVD with genuine gratitude. Not a shred of ego from any of the band members... very down to earth regular people, which was nice to see. I really deplore ego driven musicians. After a few minutes of chatter, I let him get back to his Japanese "me with the band" photo taking fans and went home, happy to have had the chance to see Hannes and Obscura play live.... not to mention actually meet him, have a chat, get things signed and shake his hand as an equal. Try that with Lars Ulrich...

And if Hannes happens to see this, thanks to you Hannes for taking the time to chat, and for signing the DVD/CD cases for me. I have already watched your drumming DVD and I have found some new inspiration for blast beat practice - something I haven't really tried yet and hope to master. I look forward to Obscuras next album and wish you and the band every success in the future.

Hope to see you play again sometime :-) Maybe in New Zealand eh? :-)
Hannes Grossmann - Short Drum Solo - Tokyo 12 June 2012