Thomas Lang,Billy Cobham,Luis Conte: Artistworks drum academy - Accelerated Learning Platform

Personalized Online Lessons From Drum Icons
Thomas Lang / Billy Cobham / Luis Conte
Dear Drum Enthusiast,

The ArtistWorks Drum Academy can inspire you to take your playing to new heights. Why? Because you study with top players in the industry, like Thomas Lang, Billy Cobham and Luis Conte.

AND with the ArtistWorks Video ExchangeTM Accelerated Learning Platform, you can easily show these legendary drummers videos of your playing and they will respond with personalized instruction to help you progress.

Each instructor has put an entire lifetime of lessons online - from beginner to advanced - streaming into your home so you can study at your convenience. Then, when you need advice or guidance, use your phone or webcam to post a video question.

Imagine rock super drummer Thomas Lang personally looking at your technique and giving you the kind of advice that can only come from a battle tested pro! Or percussionist Luis Conte breaking down your patterns between recording for Dancing With the Stars. What if you could learn to play "Stratus" directly from Billy Cobham himself?

Imagine yourself as the drummer you always wanted to be.

ArtistWorks' Video Exchange Platform makes it possible.

Sign up today! Three, six and twelve month plans are available starting at just $20 per month. And of course, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.