Caitlin Thomas: Aussie Thunder Drummerette

I'm 21 and I live in Australia.
I became interested in drums when I was 10 and got my first drum kit when I was about 15.
I play a personally woodburnt SJC kit and a Roland TD-12KX
I promise I'll be uploading more ..

Caitlin [ MARS VOLTA - Inertiatic ESP ] Drum Cover

One of my older videos, filmed when I was 16. Check out my newer videos before commenting :) I'm not trying to copy the drummer exactly, it's just my own way that I play the song.
Song: Paramore - Born For this, from the album Riot! (2007 Release) The song I am playing along to is the copyrighted property of its owner

Caitlin [ PARAMORE - Born For this ] Drum Cover