Sina: Put It On (Chi Might II); Sina feat. Charlotte Zone

Atma Anur: with Ed DeGenaro, Richard Hallebeek, Alex Masi: The Long-Suffering Soul (original composition)

Atma Anur: Drum video of Jason Becker's composition "Altitudes" and "Perpetual Burn"

ViVi : RiViNi - Drum Solo 2018.5.6 Live

Scott Travis: Sweetwater - Drum Rundown with the Judas Priest drum monster

Mike Terrana: Masterclass in Rome PT 2 and 3

Mike Terrana: Interview and Masterclass

Aquiles Priester, Vivalma: A tribute to the game “God of War”

Meytal Cohen: TEAR ME APART - Live Playthrough

Lindsay Artkop: Jam with Tina Hughes on Guitar

Kristina Schiano: Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry - Drum Cover

Sina: Put It On (Chi Might II); featuring Charlotte Zone

Bruno Valverde: Winds Of Destination