Ami Kim: DIO - Holy Diver drum cover

Paulina Drumss: Mozambique con clave de rumba

Brooke Colucci: Breaking Benjamin "Defeated"

Elie Bertrand: Rocket Skates by Deftones

Sean Rickman: Highlights from a Master Class - Red Bridge Studios 2018

Eric Disrude: Drum tech asks every DT member for a dollar.

Petr Hatas: Modern Day Babylon - Otherside ||| drum playthrough |||

Alexander Murenko: Shakira - This Time For Africa

Bruno Valverde: Angra - Perfect Symmetry Drum Playthrough (Feat. Rafael Bittencourt)

Alexander Murenko: Glasper

Alex Rudinger: Extol - "Betrayal"

Matt Garstka: Performance Spotlight

Aquiles Priester: Rehearsing The Silence of Innocent (Hangar)