Sina: Burn (Deep Purple)

Sydney Taieb: The HAARP Machine "The Escapist Notion"

Denis Bukhantsev: The Korea - Kronos (drum playthrough)

Kristina Schiano: Skillet - Hero - Drum Cover Ft. Cole Rolland

Gus Rios: Gruesome - A Waste of Life

Brooke Colucci: A Perfect Circle ‘Judith’ Drum Cover

Kristina Schiano: Ghostbusters Theme Song Loop - Drum Cover

Emmanuelle Caplette: Ghost Notes & Doubles on Kick

Paulina Vera: Improvisando la clave de son 2/3

Mike Terrana: "The Omen" by Cyril Achard

Virgil Donati: The Winds Of War - Highlights

Pete Lockett: "Seven Charades"