Dave Weckl: Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, California,

Emmanuelle Caplette: Drum Solo of Against The Current by EC/SM

Gabor Dornyei: "Moving" by George Frey

Alex Rudinger: Good Tiger - "Float On"

Vladimir Zinoviev: Stigmata - Mainstream? (Medley)

Billy Cobham: Sweetwater Interview

Kristina Schiano: How To Make Money Playing Covers On YouTube!

Lindsay Artkop: Funky Soul Jam

A-YEON: New Rules [Dua Lipa]

Thomas Lang: Linear Coordination for Fills & Chops

Muki Evade: IN VICE VERSA - Sunseeker「Drum Playthrough」

Kristina Schiano: Writing On The Walls - Underoath - Drum Cover