Friday, 2 December 2016

Sebastiaan Cornelissen: Infatuous 7

feat. Anton Davidyants - bass
Ray Russell - guitarsolo
Seb Cornelissen - drums etc

Infatuous 7

Mia Kayleigh: Awakening - The Yangheart Project

Get the song and the drum playalong on iTunes:
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Mia Kayleigh:
The Yangheart Project:
I’m so excited!! My new video is online. It’s a song by my new band „The Yangheart Project“
The song is written and produced by Philipp Kraus:
Many thanks to Tim Reischmann and Sin Cinema Productions for making this video possible!
I also wanna thank Meinl Cymbals, Sonor Drums an Skygel Damper Pads for the great support!
Many thanks to the Provinoclub in Augsburg for giving me the
opportunity to record the video at this great location!
There will be more videos coming. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the latest news and learn more about my activities as a working drummer. I will also keep you up to date about upcoming video releases.
Hope to see you soon :)
Gear list:
Sonor Delite
22" x 17,5" Bass Drum
10" x 08" Tom Tom
12" x 09" Tom Tom
16" x 13" Floor Tom
14"x 06" Snare
Sonor 400 Serie
Tama Iron Cobra Flexiglide Double Pedal
Pearl Eliminator Hi-Hat Stand
14" Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Medium Hi-Hat
08" Meinl Byzance Splash
12"/14" Meinl Generation X Trash Hat (Benny Greb)
16" Meinl Byzance Medium Crash
18" Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash
22" Meinl Byzance Spectrum Ride
Top: Remo Ambassador Coated
Bottom: Remo Ambassador Snare Reso Clear
Kick: Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear
Top: Remo Emperor Coated
Bottom: Remo Ambassador Clear
Vic Firth 5A
Recording Equipment:
Shure SM57 (Snare)
AKG 112D (Bass Drum)
Beyerdynamic TG D58c (Rack Toms)
Beyerdynamic TG D57C (Floor Tom)
Audio Technica AT4040 (Room Mic)
Rode NT5 (Overheads)

Mia Kayleigh - Awakening (The Yangheart Project)

Sina: Land Of Confusion

A Genesis Classic, re-arranged by Disturbed. We did the Disturbed version and it was quite a challenge for me to achieve that kind of aggressive drum sound as this is quite different to my usual sound. For all Genesis fans out there: I promise to play some traditional Genesis very soon, so please bear with me :)

See the original video edit on Arthur's YouTube Channel:


Arthur - vocals |

Jefferson Gonçalves - guitars

Mike Seidel - bass

Marcos Medina - keyboards

Video edit by Arthur's dad, Claudiu

Audio edit by my dad, Mike
Land Of Confusion (Genesis/Disturbed version); split screen cover

Friday, 25 November 2016

Terry Bozzio: Listen to one track from every CD of the 59-track album "Composer Series"

Listen to one track from every CD of the 59-track album "Composer Series" by Terry Bozzio!
The album will be released November 25, 2016, finally making it available worldwide.

Get it here:

'Composer Series’ is a work that legendary drummer Terry Bozzio himself calls a “Life's Work” project of art and music. Terry Bozzio has worked with names like Quincy Jones, Jeff Beck and Mick Jagger and is of course associated with Frank Zappa, he worked with as a drummer on 26 albums. Being member of the Modern Drummer’s Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone’s Top 5 Drummer and being awarded a Grammy that is a life’s work worth looking at.

There are 59 individual pieces or movements of compositions with a painting for each title, along with detailed liner notes for each piece, explaining his concepts, feelings, process and approach for each.
A bonus disc containing a 35-minute drum solo video, an introduction to Terry Bozzio's drum set and a time lapse of the drum set's set-up is also included!

Brooke Colucci: Five Finger Death Punch "Wrong Side Of Heaven"

My cover of "Wrong Side Of Heaven" Such a great song by Five Finger Death Punch!!

Five Finger Death Punch "Wrong Side Of Heaven" (Drum Cover)

Monday, 14 November 2016

Alex Rudinger: Between The Buried And Me - "The Ectopic Stroll"

I did the transcribing work for 'The Coma Ecliptic Drum Transcription Book' by Blake Richardson & thought some of you might like to see those transcriptions put to good use in the form of a cover!

Alex Rudinger - Between The Buried And Me - "The Ectopic Stroll"

Josh Mathis: Cyborg Octopus - Data M1nefield - Drum Play-through

Josh Mathis - Cyborg Octopus - Data M1nefield - Drum Play-through

Josh Plays:

Tama Drums
Axis Pedals
Mienl Cymbals
Sabian Cymbals
Gibraltar Hardware
Vic Firth 8D sticks
Evans Heads
Roland SPDX Pad & Triggers
Roc-n-Soc Throne

Josh Mathis - Cyborg Octopus - Data M1nefield - Drum Play-through
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