Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sean Rickman: drum lessons promo

Sean Rickman Presents THERICKLESSONS.COM
Sean Rickman
Sean Rickman Hosts Weekly HD Video Lessons $1.99 3 Day Offer for Advanced & Beginner Subscribers, PDF downloads, Performances, Guest Interviews, Forum, and Special Features. Join and Register at http://www.thericklessons.c­om
Sean Rickman Presents THERICKLESSONS.COM

Friday, 22 August 2014

Thomas Lang: Drumming Boot Camp California on Sale NOW

Drumming Boot Camp California on Sale NOW
Drummers of all ages, levels and styles are invited to join Thomas Lang for this exciting, multi-day music camp and educational experience. Each TLDBC camp is limited to a maximum of 25 students to offer optimal personal attention and dedicated instruction from one of the world’s top drummers. During the TLDBC, Thomas leads students in three, 8-hour daily schedules of intensive, hands-on drumming for a total of 24 hours of drumming time, which is guaranteed to improve your drumming skills. Throughout the camp, students play along with Thomas on practice kits with double pedals* allowing for maximum real, hands and feet playing time.

The TLDBC also includes a VIP tour of the world-famous Drum Workshop factory.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Thomas Lang: Japan tour report for SPARK7 led by 8-string guitar player ISAO

Thomas Lang, the spectacular icon of the drum world, set his feet again on the land of the rising sun on July 12, 2014. Thomas Lang was invited to Japan to take part in a recording session and tour with the instrumental band SPARK7 led by 8-string guitar player ISAO. MUSE ON MUSE took this opportunity to conduct a report on Thomas’ activities during his stay in Japan!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sebastiaan Cornelissen: live fusion snippets

Richard Hallebeek - guitars
Frans Vollink - bass
Catalin Milea - horns
Coen Molenaar - keys
Sebastiaan Cornelissen - drums/keys

snippets feat Frans Vollink, Richard Hallebeek

Friday, 15 August 2014

Billy Cobham: Tales From The Skeleton Coast featuring Gary Husband

Billy Cobham: Tales From The Skeleton Coast featuring Gary Husband

Billy Cobham (Drums); Gary Husband (Piano); Carl Orr (Guitar); Jean-Marie Ecay (Guitar), Christoph Cravero (Keyboards), Camelia Ben-Naceur (Keyboards), Wilbert Junior Gill (Pans), Michael Mondesir (Bass); Kevin Reverand (Bass);Jean-Michel Carbonnel (Bass); Marcos Lobo (Percussion), ), Joel Almeida(Vocal)

Ever since his breakthrough in the early 1970’s, as a founding member of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and as a drummer/band leader whose recordings such as Spectrum, with a powerful, complex style of play exerted a strong influence on the course of jazz and jazz-fusion, Billy Cobham has remained a tireless musical explorer.

Panamanian by birth, a New Yorker by upbringing, and a resident of Switzerland for the past 30 years, Cobham has pursued an ever-broadening, ever deepening engagement with the world not only as a master drummer and percussionist but as a composer, producer, educator and clinician who gives service through music even as he constantly expands his personal creative horizons. Cobham’s newest recording “Tales From The Skeleton Coast” on his personal recording label, Creative Multimedia Concepts, provides credence to his ever-deepening exploration of his life experiences as reflected through his musical compositions. “Tales From The Skeleton Coast” is yet another way stop on a journey through the life of a musical traveller in search of total enlightenment. “Tales From The Skeleton Coast” is also the third installment in a four volume series of media presentations that Billy Cobham has committed to creating in celebration of the lives of his parents William Emanuel and Ivy Leotta. The previous two volumes are entitled “Fruit From The Loom” and “Palindrome”.


Wild Pomegranates
Sal Si Puedes (Get Out If You Can!)
March Of The Pomegranates
Cap Bretton
Tales Of The Skeleton Coast Intro
Behold! The Coast Of Lost Ships
Locusts Incoming
Reunion "9"
Tales From The Skeleton Coast (Outro)
Insel Inside
Konakol Conversation
NA Parashok

Dave Weckl: Convergence with Jay Oliver, Dean Brown, Jimmy Johnson and Chris Coleman

Dave Weckl: Convergence with Jay Oliver, Dean Brown, Jimmy Johnson and Chris Coleman
Dave Weckl: Convergence with Jay Oliver, Dean Brown, Jimmy Johnson and Chris Coleman
Convergence is a new project from Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver. Jay was a major creative force behind Dave's first three solo releases and two Dave Weckl Band records (Rhythm of the Soul and Synergy).

Convergence reunites these longtime musical counterparts with 10 new songs. Highlights of the album include a remake of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground," a nod to 1990's "Master Plan" which featured two drummers. This time, it's Dave, the incredible Chris Coleman, a first-call horn section, three gospel singers, and legendary players including Dean Brown (guitar) and Jimmy Johnson (bass)

Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver: Higher Ground

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Gary Husband: Allan Holdsworth - 3 nights engagement in New York City at the Iridium

Allan Holdsworth

Allan Holdsworth Band featuring Jimmy Haslip on bass guitar and Gary Husband on drums. HHH. Haslip and Husband playing for the first time together. 3 nights engagement in New York City at the Iridium, September 20, 21 and 22.


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