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Ginger Baker: Why ?

Ginger Baker was once considered the musician least likely to survive the ‘60s. And yet, in 2014, he finds himself on the ascent. The award-winning 2012 documentary Beware of Mr. Baker brought renewed attention to his singular music, fiery and self-destructive personality, and dramatic life story. Ironically, his extreme adventurousness and impulsivity—evidenced, for example, by his leaving England and moving to Nigeria in 1970 to play and record music—are the same qualities that helped make him such a versatile and continually evolving musician. Baker has long ranked among the world’s greatest drummers, and critics have deemed his recent live shows with his quartet, Jazz Confusion, some of the best work of his career. On June 24, Motéma Music releases Why?, his first new recording in 16 years.

Track 1 Ginger Spice
Track 2 Twelve and More Blues
Track 3 Cyril Davis
Track 4 Footprints
Track 5 Ain Temouchant
Track 6 St.Thomas
Track 7 Aiko Biaye
Track 8 Why ?

Dave Weckl: Convergence with Jay Oliver, Dean Brown, Jimmy Johnson and Chris Coleman

Convergence is a new project from Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver. Jay was a major creative force behind Dave's first three solo releases and two Dave Weckl Band records (Rhythm of the Soul and Synergy).
Convergence reunites these longtime musical counterparts with 10 new songs. Highlights of the album include a remake of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground," a nod to 1990's "Master Plan" which featured two drummers. This time, it's Dave, the incredible Chris Coleman, a first-call horn section, three gospel singers, and legendary players including Dean Brown (guitar) and Jimmy Johnson (bass).

Track 1 Apocalypto
Track 2 Sternoids
Track 3 Carousel
Track 4 Road to Connemara
Track 5 Convergence
Track 6 Cups
Track 7 Twelvin
Track 8 Hand it Over
Track 9 Higher Ground
Track 10 Incantation

Monday, 21 July 2014

Donavan Hepburn: BC2rm In Action At Commonwealth Games With Donavan Hepburn at ‘Live In Edinburgh’ "

Consummate all-rounder Donavan Hepburn is the drummer for the house band at the ‘Live in Edinburgh’ concert on the 19th July 2014, part of the Commonwealth Games celebrations 23rd July to 3rd August 2014. He will be using his rack mounted BC2rm with a Porter & Davis drum throne at the concert to feel and hear the groove as he lays it down.

The ‘Live in Edinburgh’ concert features a host of big name stars including Jessie J, Kaiser Chiefs, Paloma Faith, Katherine Jenkins, Il Divo and many, many more. BBC One will broadcast the concert from Edinburgh Castle just ahead of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. The 2014 Commonwealth Games promises to be one of the largest sporting and cultural events ever hosted in Scotland with the best athletes competing for gold in a host of world-class events.

Donavan has been the backbone of the Take That band since they reformed in 2006 and has recently played on the Gary Barlow tour, as well as being Olly Murs touring drummer of choice. He was also part of the house band for the Queen’s Jubilee concert in 2012 and is described as one of the driving forces behind the UK’s biggest names in pop, yet he still manages to be a producer and a teacher as well.

The beautifully engineered BC2rm is a slim-line (2-unit) 19” rack-mountable version of its top-of-the-line BC2 and lets drummers feel what they are playing through bone conduction. This tactile drum monitor is silent and equally suitable for studio or live events. It eliminates the need for onstage monitor subs and works well alongside in-ears, enhancing the drummers’ on-stage experience.

To find out more about the ‘Live In Edinburgh’ concert visit
To find out more about the BC2rm, BC2, the BC Gigster and the artists that use them please visit

Ritchie DeCarlo: with Percy Jones, Scott McGill start a Kickstarter album campaign

We have finished recording our third album. Funds are needed for mixing, mastering & replication. It will be released December 2014

Hello, I am Ritchie DeCarlo and I have been putting out albums with Progressive Guitarist Scott McGill for the past 10 years. Two of those albums feature the Legendary Bassist PERCY JONES! We have completed the recording for our third album with him. Unfortunately, there is no label or financial backing for this release. So we need your help to put this album out independently. The goal is to raise $3000.00 to cover mixing, mastering, manufacturing and digital distribution costs. This may sound like a lot of Money, but we really hope to exceed this goal because we really want to give you something special in return for your support... So any extra funds will go towards making the final product much better! If we can get close to $5000.00 we will release a limited edition Vinyl version too!! Thanks to KickStarter, packages are available for any budget, as low as $1.00 for a digital download or as high as $800.00 for a producer credit & a SNARE DRUM! So please consider helping us out and being a part of this project. Every little bit helps, and we GREATLY appreciate any support you can offer.....

Carl Palmer: Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy Performing Fanfare for the Common Man

Welcome to the Official Carl Palmer Video Channel All video footage is property of Carl Kendall-Palmer Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Curator: Tony Ortiz

ELP Legacy Featuring Paul Bielatowicz and Simon Fitzpatrick

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All video filmed by Tony Ortiz
Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy Performing Fanfare for the Common Man at Sun Center Studios

Dennis Chambers: update on progress

Posted by Stanley Clarke: 

To all of Dennis Chambers friends, fans, well wishers and alike. Unfortunately there is a lot of conversation about Dennis on face book and the internet. I do not and will not give out any specific information to anyone concerning Dennis's health and trust that all of you who may know more than others will do the same. It is a private matter and should be respected and treated as such. My children and family members have been very upset about the information that has been spread. Dennis is a very well know, respected, and successful musician, but he is also a very private family man. (Sometime people don't know what to do with information they may have or not think about the damage you can do with what you may have.) Consider if something were to happen to you today or tomorrow? How would want people to handle your personal information? What happened here in Spain was unfortunate, unexpected, shocking and scary but it doesn't warrant the public to be privy to the specifics of privacy. I am very big on confidentiality and I'm sure some or you feel the same about yourself and your own situations but are not treating Dennis with the respect you would expect. I respect my husband and my family. Despite the rumors about Dennis Chambers, he is very much alive and doing much better. What I have learned over the years is that friends, family, and those really concerned don't ask about specifics they just want to know how to help and begin to pray and send well wishes with no questions asked. What is it that you could do if you knew more about his health besides gossip about it? What benefit would it be for you or for him? We have had enough of accusations and people analyzing him. For those that have been truly concerned and are praying, thank you so very much and continue to pray. For those of you who have been gossiping, posting, texting and what ever else, let it go! Don't allow yourself to be caught up in tearing him down but instead be apart of the building him up. You never know what situation you might find yourself in tomorrow so don't be so quick to judge or assume. I was always taught to "Do unto others as you would HAVE them do unto you". Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Gossip kills, while prayer heals. Where are you in the process. What I see in all of this is that there are a lot of people praying now who were not praying before for any reason. To God be the Glory for the things he has done. He has also brought people together from around the globe to pray with out ceasing while expecting change, good health, healing, wholeness and a sound mind as a result. God will use anyone and any situation to bring prayer back into our lives. What the enemy wants to use as evil, God will turn it around for his good! And so I say to you, stop the negative emailing, texting, posting, and gossiping and start praying and reaching out to one another and give support. Touch and agree on those things you are praying for. If you want things to change you might have to change the way you do things. We all love Dennis and want nothing but the best for him. Thank you all for loving and caring enough about him to cover him in prayer. We also send out prayers to all of you and your families. Be blessed. Renee

Thunder Drummer: Our prayers are with Dennis and his family at this time!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Dennis Chambers, Gary Husband: Gary sends his prayers for Dennis who is in hospital

Gary Husband
Please join me in prayers for my wonderful friend drumming icon Dennis Chambers right now.

Gary Husband Hi everyone, basically, we're all waiting for news... and I'm only one of those anxiously waiting for it. Dennis is for sure not well at all right now, and when I hear something - any development... and something from a reliable source - I'll be sure and post it right here.

Mike Sten and Dennis Chambers say hello to their friend and fellow musician in arms Vince Wilburn Jr. backstage at Iridium jazz club last show June 14th 2014 NYC
One of baddest Guitarist and Drummer on the planet

More details

Mike Stern/Bill Evans Band

Back stage with my Heros Mike Stern and Dennis Chambers - Giving Shout out to Vince Wilburn Jr.



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